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Welcome to SZABIST Executive Development Center (EDC)

SZABIST Executive Development Center (EDC) is steadily contributing towards building and developing business, social, legal, media and information technology graduates geared towards becoming the corporate leaders of tomorrow. The major responsibilities of SZABIST’s Executive Development Center (EDC) are the following:


EDC facilitates arranging Internships for all students and acts as a liaison between the industry and the business students. Every semester, renowned national and multinational companies including banks, financial institutions, FMCGs, Pharmaceuticals and others contact the EDC to conduct their employment tests, interviews and other on-campus recruitment activities to directly induct SZABIST graduates into their organizations.

Thus 6 to 8 week internship with a reputable company is a compulsory pre-requisite for graduation. This is to give the students a foretaste of what actually happens in a commercial firm, an effort to bridge the gulf between the classroom and the corporate world.

Contact is accordingly maintained with major national and multinational companies who are requested to provide internship slots for SZABIST students. To make the internship meaningful, sponsors are urged to comment on the intern’s performance which is discussed with the student to apprise him or her about strengths and short comings.


We are operating in highly competitive job market with hundreds of graduates vying for the available vacancies for Management Trainee positions. Thus, EDC serves as a liaison between job seeking SZABIST graduates and commercial houses. Wherever possible, companies are urged to come for on-campus recruitment after suitable candidates are lined up. If required, students are helped to prepare an effective resume and also explained the technique of successful interviewing.

At least once a year, a ‘Job Fair’ is held at the college campus where many leading companies are invited to explain their recruitment procedures and the scenario about present and future vacancies.


Employers increasingly rely on the graduate directory. It is a compendium which gives CVs of all students who have graduated during the year and it is distributed free of charge to all leading companies, where it serves as a useful reference book to sift appropriate candidates for present and future vacancies. For ease of reference, students’ CVs are arranged separately for each specialization e.g. marketing, finance, human resources, etc

EDC publishes the Graduate Directory once a year and it is a useful tool to facilitate job placements, which is a major EDC responsibility.


About 3000 graduates have passed out of the portals of SZABIST and they are holding/senior positions in leading companies. It is our endeavor to keep in touch with them and to that end data has to be procured and kept up to date about their current employment status and contact address.

To strengthen the bonds with their alma mater, the alumni are invited as guest speakers on any subject of topical interest before an audience of present students and a dinner for them is periodically arranged as well.


SZABIST EDC regularly arranges a Corporate Finesse Week comprising of workshop sessions for its graduating classes across programs. Workshop topics generally include: Potential Employers in Pakistan; Resume Development; Handling Interviews Effectively; What is an office?; Importance of Business Etiquette; Corporate Dinning Manners; Managing Time; Company Culture; Inter Gender Relations at the Work Place; Road Safety etc.


SZABIST holds an annual dinner with its leading alumni and adjunct faculty, particularly those who are gold medalists or work in top multinational organizations, to network with the corporate world for innovative curriculum development, internships, placements, sponsorships and joint activities. This activity is facilitated/ arranged by the Executive Development Center (EDC).


Plans are to form SZABIST Alumni Association to reach, serve and engage all alumni and to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between the SZABIST and its graduates. The objective is to create a platform to facilitate and initiate projects which can be mutually beneficial for Graduates and their alma mater.